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把摊铺机的调平大臂与熨平板的联合称为摊铺机的工作装置。通过该装 置完成沥青混合料的摊铺与初步振实。调平大臂通过牵引点与主机铰接在一起,另一端与熨平板相连。在作业时, 熨平板的全部重量和大臂的部分重量都压在新铺的混合料上。主机通过牵引点、 大臂带动熨平板前进。此时熨平板宛如一块滑雪板在混合料表面上滑行。

The combination of the leveling arm of the paver and the ironing plate is called the working device of the paver. The paving and preliminary compaction of asphalt mixture are completed through this device. The leveling arm is hinged to the main engine through a traction point, and the other end is connected to the ironing plate. During homework, the entire weight of the ironing plate and a portion of the weight of the upper arm are pressed onto the newly laid mixture. The host drives the iron plate forward through the traction point and the large arm. At this point, the ironing plate slides like a snowboard on the surface of the mixture.




Pavers are widely used in the construction of urban roads, airport runways, and road surfaces, which can improve the internal quality of the paving layer and the appearance of the road surface, and increase production efficiency.




According to the walking mode, pavers are divided into two types: self-propelled and towed.


According to the walking mechanism, pavers are divided into two types: track type and tire type.


According to the transmission mode, pavers are divided into two types: mechanical and hydraulic.


According to their functions, pavers are divided into five types: asphalt mixture pavers, stabilized soil pavers, multifunctional pavers, double-layer pavers, and thin-layer pavers.



According to the extension method of the ironing device, the paver is divided into two types: mechanical widening type and hydraulic telescopic type.

按摊铺宽度,摊铺机分为小型、中型和大型三种。 小型摊铺机大摊铺宽度一般小于4.5m。 中型摊铺机大摊铺宽度在5m~8m。大型摊铺机大摊铺宽度在9m以上。

According to the paving width, pavers are divided into three types: small, medium, and large. Small pavers generally have a width of less than 4.5m for large pavers. A medium-sized paver has a large paving width of 5m to 8m. The width of the large paving machine is over 9m.


Selection Guide


The selection of pavers must be closely combined with the specific situation and needs of road construction, and must follow the requirements of fully meeting road quality and reasonable cost.


The concept of low-speed and high density paving


At present, the vast majority of our construction application paver products are low-speed and high density pavers. It has the advantages of improving the smoothness of paving, reducing material waste, and reducing the number of compaction passes. Actual construction has proven that using a low-speed and high density paver is more reasonable than a fast paver. While effectively ensuring quality, it can also reduce costs appropriately.


Selection of track and tire type


The crawler paver has a large grounding area and good adhesion and traction performance during the paving operation, which is not easy to slip. At the same time, it can play a better role in filtering waves during paving, improving the smoothness and smoothness of paving. Large scale continuous paving operations on highways are rarely transferred to construction sites, so crawler pavers are more suitable for highway construction. For urban road construction, if there are too many transfers, tire type pavers are more suitable.


Using a stabilized soil paver for base paving


Using a domestically developed stable soil paver with a reasonable cost performance ratio for the paving of road base stabilized materials, instead of using a leveling machine for paving, can reduce material waste by 10% -15%, reduce compaction times, improve production efficiency, and especially ensure good construction quality of road base due to good flatness and neat road edges.


Determination of production capacity and quantity of pavers


To ensure that the asphalt mixture transported to the paving site can be spread in a timely manner, when selecting a paver, the actual paving capacity should be slightly greater than the actual mixing capacity of the mixing equipment, or the actual production capacity of the mixing equipment should be determined based on the selected conditions.


The operating speed of the paver has a significant impact on its efficiency and paving quality. Choosing the correct paving speed is an important means to accelerate construction progress and improve paving quality. The principle of selection is to ensure the continuity of the paver's operation.


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