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The quality of road paving directly affects the overall quality of the road surface, therefore, this has become the focus of our supervision of asphalt concrete pavement construction process. The quality of paving operation is not only related to the performance of the machinery itself, but also depends on factors such as the continuity, stability, uniformity of paving, and the balance of feeding. Therefore, there are also many problems that occur at this stage, such as:


(1) Uneven thickness of asphalt concrete pavement always objectively exists, which can cause different compaction effects of different thicknesses under the same coefficient of loose paving, thereby affecting the smoothness of the pavement. So, in addition to improving the smoothness and elevation control of the base layer, it is also necessary to strengthen the supervision of the smoothness and elevation of the lower layer of asphalt pavement, so that it can be compensated, and strictly control layer by layer until the upper layer.


In exceptional circumstances, to ensure the thickness of the road surface, appropriate adjustments to the elevation are taken to ensure the thickness of the pavement structural layer.



(2) After the paver starts paving, there will be a two-way slope at a certain distance, which has a significant impact on the smoothness of the road surface. The temperature difference between the arch and the weight sag of the ironing plate, as well as the preheating temperature and paving temperature of the ironing plate, has been repeatedly verified.


So, we require that the temperature during the preheating of the ironing plate should not be lower than 80 ° C, level it with a spirit level, and determine the thickness of the support plate under the ironing plate (thickness of the support plate=loose laying thickness+preheating curvature of the ironing plate+high-level error of the base layer, generally requiring five support points). Especially during the entire paving process, the arch should be adjusted to the same slope before paving and adjusted in a timely manner. Especially before paving stops, it should be checked and adjusted to avoid the road width being too high or too low during secondary joints.


(3) The mismatch between the spiral feeder of the paver and the walking speed of the paver results in excessive or insufficient accumulation of material in the paving chamber, leading to the separation of the thickness of the mixture under the ironing plate. We require that the height of the mixture pile in the spiral paver chamber be level with or slightly higher than the axis of the spiral paver. Especially to prevent the spiral paver from idling.

(4)摊铺机的行走速度不均匀,使摊铺速度不匀,沥青路面表面形成波浪,严重影响平整度及压实度。因此,我们要求其应保证3ˉ4米/ 分的速度行走,尽量避免停机。

(4) The uneven walking speed of the paver results in uneven paving speed, causing waves to form on the surface of the asphalt pavement, seriously affecting smoothness and compaction. Therefore, we require it to ensure that 3 ˉ Walk at a speed of 4 meters per minute and try to avoid stopping the machine.


In case of shutdown, the paver's ironing plate should be locked tightly to prevent it from sinking. The pause time should not exceed 10 minutes when the temperature is above 10 ° C. When the pause time exceeds 30 minutes or the mixture is below 100 ° C, the cold joint method should be used to re joint. Before the paver, it is necessary to ensure that at least three carts of materials are left to be laid, in order to minimize downtime and avoid the formation of waves.


(5) In terms of the stability of the walking of the paver, the following problems often occur:


a. The granular material that fell off the track of the paver due to unloading was not removed in a timely manner, resulting in a sudden change in the paving thickness. Therefore, during the construction process, it is necessary to supervise the construction personnel to conduct inspections at all times to avoid such situations.


b. When the transport vehicle is reversing, it collides with the paver, causing the paver to twist and move forward, resulting in a bumpy road surface. We require that during the continuous paver process, the transport vehicle should be 10 times in front of the paver ˉ Stop at 30cm and shift to neutral, relying on the paver to push slowly forward;


(6) In the construction of the middle and upper layers, due to the high stiffness and small deflection of the leveling beam (drag bar), as well as the large number of wheels and sleds on the ground, reasonable weight distribution, and good walking stability, we require the use of leveling beams, which has a good effect on improving the smoothness and thickness of the road surface.


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